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Car wash mitter curtains

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Car wash mitter curtains

Pressed Wool Felt and Synthetic Needlepunch Roll Goods for Orthopedic, Podiatry, Sports Medicine, Dermatology, and General Medical Applications:

  • Shock absorbing, abrasion resistant
  • Wool blends and 100% Synthetics
  • High absorption capacity
  • Wide choice of fibers, surface treatments, coatings, and colors
  • Custom Fabrication is our specialty!

Pressed Wool

Our line of pressed wool offers outstanding performance. Wool’s unique fiber morphology allows the fibers to naturally interlock without the need for needle punching or chemical binders. This fabrication process imparts a soothing feel to the fabric which translates into patient comfort and protection. The matrix created by this fabrication process has gentle resiliency, high impact shock absorption capacity, and a large void volume for high fluid uptake.

Needle Punch

Our line of 100% synthetic needle punch offers a broad choice of physical and chemical properties made possible by our facility’s ability to process a wide variety of polymer fibers, and our expertise at applying sophisticated treatments and coatings.

Choice of Fibers

Complete choice of fibers including acrylic, aramid, fluorocarbon, homopolymer acrylic, modacrylic, perfluorocarbon, polyamide, polyester, polypropylene, PPS, rayon, as well as new fibers currently under development.

Choice of Composites

Choices of composites and blends, including meltblown/needlepunch composites and multiple density blends, optimize performance.


The widths, basis weights, and colors you need from thin strips to 72” widths, basis weights from 2 to 24 oz/yd2,, in white, flesh color, or solution-dyed colors.

Wide choice of treatments and coatings such as calender, singe, or silicone treatments, and PTFE or silicone coatings solve medical application problems. Available with an optional antimicrobial treatment which controls odor and provides long lasting comfort.