American Felt & Filter Co. Inc, a part of American History

American Felt & Filter Co. Inc (AFFCO), founded in NY in 1899, specializes in manufacturing nonwoven, felt, and technical textiles. Although technology has changed since 1899, the uses and applications for this timeless material continue to be as important today as they were then. Recently, we were given the honor of helping to restore a piece of American History!

During WWII, AFFCO supplied insulating materials for use in aircraft production. In most cases, the aircraft to which it was applied remained unknown, until recently, when we were contacted by the Smithsonian regarding an aircraft on display.

“Flak Bait” as it was named retains the record for the most completed bombing missions over Europe during WWII. 205 successful missions and 725 hours were recorded, making Flak Bait the record holder for survived missions. (Now, while we can’t take credit for that, we believe our material may have had something to do with it.) After the war was over, Flak Bait was saved from destruction by the Army Air Force who recognized its historical value. Today it is the only B-26 fully assembled and on museum display in the US. The Smithsonian is preserving the aircraft in its authentic cosmetic condition, however, certain restorations were required.